BJP candidate Jyoti Mirdha said - I will spoil the situation by beating her, will challenge Hanuman Beniwal on this seat.


Before the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections, a BJP candidate from Nagaur Jyoti Mirdha made a big statement. On this seat, he is contesting against RLP supremo Hanuman Beniwal. According to reports, BJP candidate Jyoti Mirdha has challenged Hanuman Beniwal during the election rally in Khinvsar. 

In this election meeting, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Jyoti Mirdha said that without the will of BJP workers, no one can burn even a single letter and if anyone even looks in front of my workers, I will beat them and make the situation worse. This statement of BJP candidate from Nagaur Lok Sabha seat Jyoti Mirdha is going viral on social media. 

Before the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections, there is a heated exchange of words between Hanuman Beniwal and Jyoti Mirdha. This time Lok Sabha elections will be held in two phases in Rajasthan. Voting for the first phase will be held on April 19 and voting for the second phase will be held on April 26. The result will come on June 4.

PC: thehindu

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