Bank Update: Even if you do not do transactions in your bank account for a long time, you may have to bear this loss.


In today's world, everyone has a bank account and we keep doing money transactions in it. But many times due to excess of accounts or lack of time, we are not able to do transactions in the accounts. In such a situation, our account gets closed many times and we have to bear the consequences. In such a situation, know the disadvantages of account closure.

If you do not do any transactions in your account for two years, then your account becomes in-operative from the side of the bank. In such a situation, you have to go to the bank once again and you have to get the account started.

If your account has not been active for two years and has become in-operative, then you should get the account started. Otherwise, you do not get any interest on the money lying inside it. In such a situation, you have to bear its direct loss.