Bank Rule: You can withdraw money even from a bank account that has been closed for years, just have to do this work


If you have an account with any bank and you have not used it for a long time, then that account of yours can turn into a useless or dormant account. After which it becomes difficult to withdraw money from it or get it activated. But if your money is also lying in the inactive account, then you do not need to take tension. If you want to withdraw money, you can withdraw it very easily.

What will need to be done

First of all, you have to know in which bank you have an account.

After that, you have to mail the bank that your account has been closed due to non-use. It should be activated.

You will also have to attach your KYC documents in the mail.

Your account will be activated after a few days.

After account activation, you can also withdraw your money through online banking.

The money from the closed account is deposited with RBI. This money is called an unclaimed amount. Its information will be available on the website of the bank.