Bank Locker: Now you can keep only these things in the locker, know these rules


You also have a locker in the bank and if you are using it, then this news is useful for you. This is because you keep many other things from jewelry to important documents as well as many other things in it. In such a situation, now RBI has removed a new rule, under which you will be able to keep only a few things in the locker. 

RBI has made it clear that the bank should now renew the contract for renting lockers with its customers. According to the new rules, the contract will mention what kind of goods customers can keep in their lockers and what not.

You will be able to keep these things in your locker, now you will be able to keep only jewelry and important documents in your locker. This detail will be told to the customer in the contract with the bank.

Along with this, you will no longer be able to keep cash or foreign currency in the locker. With this, you will not be able to keep weapons, drugs, poisonous items.