Bank Holidays: Out of the remaining 10 days of October, banks will remain closed for 9 days, check the complete list.


The month of October is about to end and 10 days are left. In such a situation, if you also want to do any work related to the bank in these 10 days, then you must check the calendar once before going to the bank. This is because there are going to be big bank holidays in these 10 days.

If media reports are to be believed, according to the RBI list, banks will remain closed on 9 out of these ten days and the reason for this is the festival as well as Saturday and Sunday. In such a situation, please check once before going.

These big festivals are falling in 10 days 

Today is Durga Puja on 21st October. In the coming days, holidays have been declared in banks due to other festivals including Dussehra. Apart from festivals, the banking holidays falling in the 10 days of October also include weekly holidays. Banks will remain closed on 22nd October, 28th October and 29th October due to Sunday and fourth Saturday.