Bank ATM: If your card is lost, do this immediately, otherwise your bank account may become empty.


With the increase in online payment process in the country, the possibilities of people being cheated have also increased. People are also being cheated through ATM cards, UPI and OTP. ATM is very useful for people. Through this you can withdraw money at any time.

However, if it gets lost or falls, your bank account may become empty. For this reason, if it gets lost, you should get the work done immediately, otherwise you may become a victim of fraud. If your ATM card is lost, you should immediately block or deactivate the ATM card. If it is blocked, no one will be able to withdraw money from your bank.

You will be saved from fraud. You can get your ATM blocked by visiting your bank branch. For this you will have to write an application in the bank.

PC: amarujala

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