Baba's 'White House'… No color except white, the ashram is like a palace


Bhole Baba alias Narayan Sakar Hari has a grand and luxurious 'White House' i.e. Ashram in Hathras. Spread over several acres of land, this 'White House' has all the facilities of luxury. The entire ashram is painted in white colour. No other colour is visible except white. A video of this 'White House' of Bhole Baba has also surfaced.

Bhole Baba's 'White House'.

Bhole Baba has a grand 'White House' which teaches the society the lesson of humanity. This 'White House' of Narayan Sakar Hari alias Bhole Baba alias Suraj Pal, built on several acres in Hathras, has been named an ashram. This 'White House' is built on the lines of a luxury resort. It has many rooms and all the facilities of luxury. This is one of the main places of Bhole Baba. If we believe the servants of Bhole Baba, there is a very big ground right in front of this 'White House'.

Baba often calls his followers to perform satsang in this ground. There is also a place for a helipad in this ground. It is being told that whenever satsang takes place in this ground, more than three lakh followers of Baba reach here. At that time all of them are accommodated in the inter college under construction nearby. According to the sevadars, satsangs have taken place here dozens of times till now and even today Baba's banners and hoardings are installed at various places in this inter college.

The villagers called Baba a fraud

On the other hand, those who have known Bhole Baba since childhood have given a big statement. They say that he is not a Mahatma but a fraud. Many classmates of Bhole Baba alias Surajpal, a resident of Bahadurnagar village in Patiyali tehsil of Kasganj district, said that he only fools people. Rampal Singh of neighboring village Rampura, who studied with Surajpal, says that he was with Surajpal in sixth class. They have studied together till 8th class. According to Rampal Singh, after becoming Bhole Baba, Surajpal once claimed that he has Surdarshan Chakra in his fingers.

Baba pretends to perform miracles

Rampal Singh said that Bhole Baba had also pretended to show people the Sudarshan Chakra. However, not even a single follower could see his Sudarshan Chakra. Only a few of his chosen sevadars said that he had given them something in their fingers. According to Rampal Singh, he did not talk to Surajpal even during his studies.

An old man from this village told that some time ago Surajpal was in jail in a murder case. He met him in the jail. According to the old man, he is a fake baba. If he was a real miracle worker, he would have brought back to life one or two of the 121 dead people.

In which Ashram is Baba hiding?

Baba is absconding since the accident. Police has not been able to trace him yet. Police is present in his ashram in Mainpuri, Kasganj and Hathras. It is being said that Baba is present in one of these ashrams. People say that Baba is hiding in the ashram in Mainpuri. Crowds of people are also gradually gathering there. In view of this, a large number of police force has been deployed. Vehicles are continuing to come and go from inside and outside the Mainpuri ashram.