Baba Sakar Hari: After the Hathras incident, there is more discussion about Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari 'Bhole Baba


Baba Sakar Hari: After the Hathras incident, there is more discussion about Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari 'Bhole Baba' alias Surajpal's alleged 'miracles' than about him. He had spread the illusion that he could cure diseases with his divine sight and also drive away the shadow of ghosts. He used to come in front of his devotees wearing glasses of different colors. Let's know what is the secret of Baba's glasses?


Hathras Stameped Baba Sakar Hari Goggles: Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi has met the families of the victims of Hathras incident in Aligarh and Hathras. Apart from this, now let's talk about the Baba in whose event 124 people died due to stampede. Why is the Baba responsible for these deaths not being caught by the police? Along with this, we will tell you about his mysterious 'Pakhandlok' and the alleged 'magical' glasses from which miracles were claimed to happen.  

Hypocrisy and 'magic glasses'

Baba used to present himself as a new incarnation of Lord Krishna among young women and used to hold a special court for women by sitting on a swing wearing suit and boots and like an officer. 

Now let us tell you about the glasses of superstition of Baba. With which he claimed to remove all the troubles of his devotees.

  • Suraj Pal used to wear coloured glasses every Tuesday.
  • Baba used to claim to treat his devotees through divine vision.
  • Every colour of Suraj Pal's glasses has a different story. 
  • It was claimed that blue glasses would cure diseases.  
  • Ghosts and spirits of the devotees were exorcized with the help of green glasses. 
  • Baba used to provide peace to those devotees through brown and black glasses who did not have peace in their lives. 
  • The devotees believed that as soon as they remove their glasses, Baba's divine sight will fall on them and their troubles will go away.
  • Whereas this same Baba used to wear spectacles on normal days.
  • Why is Baba still away from the clutches of law?
  • Baba does not use any electronic device.
  • Due to there being no surveillance device nearby, he is beyond reach. 
  • The organisers of this satsang had also switched off their phones. 
  • On the day of the accident, everyone had switched off their phones between 5 and 8 o'clock. 
  • During his police job, Baba used to work in the Local Intelligence Unit. 
  • That's why Suraj Pal had experience in intelligence work, which means he knows how to escape from the police. 
  • Making videos was also prohibited during Suraj Pal's satsang.
  • Because these videos could become evidence of superstition. 
  • Baba's 'Laapata Lok'
  • Baba's palace in Mainpuri has become a missing place. According to sources, more than half a dozen people have disappeared in the last one year. Some of them have filed FIRs, while some could not even file FIRs due to fear of Baba and his servants.
  • 'Indralok' of Saakar Hari
  • In mythology, just like Indra used to make Apsaras dance in his court, Baba Saakar Hari also had the same hobby. He used to make female sevadars dance in front of him. Women sevadars were also seen dancing in his satsang pandal many times. Baba had spread a web of illusion among his devotees in the name of miracles. The people of the area where Baba lives have exposed his deceit.