Ashok Gehlot Is Strongly Supporting This Statement Of Rahul Gandhi, Now He Has Said This Big Thing.


Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress party has prioritized the issue of caste census, with former National President Rahul Gandhi leading the charge during the Nyaya Yatra. Former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has made a significant statement regarding the caste census in response to a post by Rahul Gandhi.

Gehlot tweeted that numerous requests have been made, and now it's time to count. He mentioned that Dalits, deprived people, tribals, and backward classes are raising their voices for their rights. In response to Rahul Gandhi's call, the country has united in support of a caste census for a fair share. Gehlot expressed the belief that this initiative will ensure that the deprived sections of society receive their rights, urging everyone to become a partner in the #GintiKaro movement.

Rahul Gandhi had previously tweeted about the need to contemplate who the poor are, how many there are, and in what conditions they live. He emphasized the importance of conducting a caste census, pointing to the Bihar census, which revealed that 88 percent of the poor population belongs to Dalit, tribal, backward, and minority communities. Gandhi stated that these figures from Bihar offer just a glimpse of the true picture of the country's poor population, emphasizing the necessity to take two historic steps – caste counting and economic mapping. These steps, he believes, will pave the way for removing the 50 percent reservation limit.

PC: Deccanherald.