Ashok Gehlot gave these instructions to the officials for saving electricity!


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given instructions to the officers to make the common man aware of saving electricity. 

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted that because of the crisis of coal availability in entire North India for the last few days due to flooding of coal mines due to monsoon rains, preparations for adequate availability of electricity in the meeting organized through VC at the residence. reviewed. 

He said that due to this crisis arising out of waterlogging in coal mines, some units of thermal power plants in the state are not working at their full capacity. In such a situation, the general public should be made aware of saving electricity. There is a power shortage in the grid due to a power crisis.

Wind power plants are also getting less power than the installed capacity. The general public should be made aware of the deepening coal crisis in the country and the reduction in power generation capacity from thermal power plants due to not getting enough coal so that they should be encouraged to save electricity.

The officers should prepare an action plan about the supply of electricity in the coming days based on demand and availability. The officials of the Energy Department should visit Chhattisgarh and continuously monitor the present availability of coal in the coal blocks located there and ensure that sufficient coal is available as per the requirement of the state.

Ensure the supply of coal rakes is the insufficient quantity by coordinating with the central authorities so that our thermal power plants can run smoothly. To keep the power supply smooth as per the requirement of the consumers, the thermal power plants must remain functional.