Arunachal Pradesh: Amit Shah's visit to Arunachal provoked China, said a big thing


The country's Home Minister Amit Shah is currently on a tour of Arunachal and he has taken a dig at China during his visit there. Let us tell you that China had recently changed the names of some places in Arunachal Pradesh. After which Amit Shah has visited here. At the same time, after Shah's visit, China has become agitated. 

While talking here, Amit Shah said that India's land cannot be encroached upon even like the tip of a needle. The Home Minister said, 'Now no one can look into our border by raising their eyes and today we proudly say that those times are gone when anyone could encroach on India's border. Now no one can encroach on the land as much as the tip of a needle.

Here, China has been shaken by Home Minister Amit Shah's visit to Arunachal. Regarding Amit Shah's visit, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that Arunachal Pradesh is the territory of China. The activities of Indian officials in this area violate China's sovereignty, he said.