Alert: Delete this app from your Android phone immediately, otherwise you may have to face big problems.


In today's time, almost every person must have an Android phone. If you also use a similar type of phone, this is useful news for you. The news is that your phone may contain malware. Due to this your account may become empty. The security agency has identified six such Android apps which have been present on Google Play Store for two years and these apps contain malware.

This type of information has been given by cyber security research firm ESET in its report. The agency said through the report that a total of 12 apps contain malware named VajraSpy. Despite the deletion of six apps, they are still present in the Google Play Store. They can spy on any Android phone.

Privee Talk, Let's Chat, Quick Chat, Chit Chat, Rafaqat, MeetMe apps are available on Google Play Store with malware. If you have these types of apps in your smartphone, delete them immediately.

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