After the reduction in the price of petrol and diesel, now subsidy on domestic gas cylinders will be available again!


After getting tax exemption on petrol and diesel from the central and state government, another good news is coming for the people. The news is that now people can get big relief even in LPG. 

According to reports, the subsidy on domestic gas, which was stopped due to the Corona epidemic, may start again in January. Oil companies have given such signals to gas dealers. 


Under this, the government can give a discount of Rs 303 on domestic cylinders to the consumers. At present, gas consumers are getting cylinders at Rs 903. 

Consumers last got a subsidy on a domestic cylinder in the year 2020 in April of Rs 147.67. At this time the price of a domestic gas cylinder was only Rs 731. After getting this subsidy, consumers were getting only Rs 583.33 for the domestic gas cylinder at this time.