Aadhaar Card Update: You can also update 10 years old Aadhaar card for free, just have to do this work


Everyone knows how important the Aadhaar card is. You must also have an Aadhaar card and in such a situation it has been more than 10 years since your card was made, so it has become necessary to update it. In such a situation, first of all, you have to update it. The Unique Identity Authority of India has given people the opportunity to update their Aadhaar for free.


In such a situation, you also want that you also have to get 10 year old Aadhaar card updated, then you will not have to spend money for it. For this UIDAI has decided to allow you to update your Aadhaar online, to take advantage of this offer you will have to visit the MyAadhaar portal.


Users can avail of the facility of free documents update by visiting the My Aadhaar portal. This free service will be available for the next three months from March 15 to June 14, 2023. In such a situation, you can also take advantage of it.