Aadhaar Card: Address in Aadhaar can be changed with this easy process


Many people want to change the address in their Aadhar card, but due to lack of information they are not able to do so. If you also want to do this, then today we are going to tell you an easy process, through which you can easily change your address in Aadhar card. 

This is the process: 

First of all you have to visit your nearest Aadhaar Seva Centre. 

After taking the correction form from here, you will have to fill Aadhar card number, full name, registered mobile number etc. 

The new address will also have to be entered in it. 

A copy of the proof of the new leaf will have to be attached with the form. 

Now you submit this form to the concerned officer. 

Now along with your biometrics, your photo will be taken. 

After this the address will be updated in your Aadhaar.

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