Aadhaar ATM facility: You can withdraw money from home, facility is available


In this era of Digital India, many changes are taking place from time to time. Now a big change is happening. Under this, you will not have to go to the bank for money and you will be able to get the money at home itself. Today we are going to tell you the process of withdrawing cash at home.

For this, you will not need an ATM card or bank passbook. You will be able to do this through an Aadhar card from home. This type of facility is being provided to the people by the post office, whose name is Aadhaar ATM.

Under this, Aadhaar itself will become your ATM. You will have the opportunity to withdraw money from the comfort of your home with the IPPB Aadhaar ATM (AEPS) service. However, for this service, you will get the help of a postman. Only the person whose Aadhaar is linked to an ATM service can avail of its benefit. 

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