A young man climbed a 100 feet high tower to increase his subscribers on Youtube, then...

To increase subscribers on Youtube, a young man climbed a 100 feet high tower, died after 5 hours…

There was a ruckus in Noida Extension of UP when a 22-year-old youth climbed a 100 feet high tower. Local people kept trying to bring him down. But he did not listen. Police came on information. They brought the youth down. When the police asked him the reason for doing so in the police station, the youth said - he had climbed the tower to increase subscribers on his YouTube channel.

YouTuber climbed a 30 feet high tower.

In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a young man climbed a 100 feet high tower. That too just so that his video goes viral and his YouTube subscribers increase. He created a lot of ruckus for 5 hours. The local people tried to get him down from the tower but he did not listen. After this, the police was informed about this. The police reached the spot and after a lot of effort brought the young man down.

After this he was taken to the police station. When the police asked him the reason for climbing the tower and creating a ruckus, the young man said that he wanted to increase his subscribers on YouTube. That's why he did all this. At present, the Bisrakh police station is interrogating the young man. The case is of Old Haibatpur village of Noida Extension. 22-year-old Neeleshwar Pandey reached near the 100 feet high mobile tower here on Sunday. Another young man was also with him.

The young man did not agree to get down

Then Neeleshwar climbed the tower. His friend kept making a video of it. The local people thought that maybe he is an employee of a mobile company, who has climbed up for some work. But when they saw the young man standing below who was making a video of him, they understood that the matter was something else. They asked the young man to come down. But the young man did not listen. They kept telling him again and again to come down or else you can fall. Despite this, the young man did not listen. By that time the young man had reached a height of 30 feet. Meanwhile, there was a lot of commotion. The police was informed.

Why did the young man climb the tower

The fire brigade also reached there along with the police. After 5 hours of high voltage drama, the youth was somehow brought down. The police took Neeleshwar and his friend to the police station. Here Neeleshwar told the police - I have a YouTube channel named Neeleshwar 22. I upload prank videos on it. My father has been working in Oman for the last 4 years. But due to not earning much, the condition of the house is not good. I created the YouTube channel so that I could earn some money. I wanted to increase my subscribers. That's why I climbed the tower for prank.