A government pit took the life of an innocent child… Proper Precautions Could Have Prevented This Tragedy


A five-year-old child fell into a pit dug in the Dussehra Ground in Premnagar, Dehradun. This led to the death of the child. He had left home to play. When he did not return for a long time, the family filed a report at the police station. The police found the body of the child lying in the pit. The pit was filled with water. The body of the child was in it.

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In Dehradun, Uttarakhand, an innocent child lost his life due to the negligence of the contractor. The incident is from Premnagar. Here, the administration has dug many pits around the Dussehra ground. A five-year-old child died after falling into one of these water-filled pits. The family is in shock due to the child's death. The mother is repeatedly fainting remembering her son.

Jitendra Kumar, a resident of Premnagar, sells vegetables. His five-year-old son Adhiraj left home on Thursday but did not return. When the son did not return home, his parents got worried. They searched for the child a lot but could not find him. After this, Jitendra Kumar went to the police station and filed a missing report of his son Adhiraj. The police immediately started action.

Many teams were deployed to find the child. The police also checked the CCTV cameras installed around the house. The child was seen coming out of the house in them. He was not seen after that. The police reached Dussehra Ground while searching for the child. Many pits have been dug there by the administration. Due to rain, those pits have been filled with water. When the police got suspicious, they started looking in the pits with the help of a rod. There they found the child in a water-filled pit. But in a dead condition. The child's body was taken out. The family was shocked to see the son's body. The mother fainted there while crying.

Contractor's negligence came to the fore

It is being told that a track is being built around the Dussehra ground from the MLA fund, the work of which has been given to the contractor. Pits have been dug all around the ground. All of them are open. It is raining a lot these days. Despite this, no barricading has been done around the pits. Due to this negligence of the contractor, an innocent child lost his life.

Dehradun's Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Singh has issued instructions to the Premnagar police station in-charge to register a case against the negligent contractor. Police station in-charge Girish Negi said that information about the contractor is being gathered. The culprit will not be spared at any cost.