A father gave a painful gift to the bride on the first anniversary of the wedding, this story of Jhalawar will give you goosebumps.


A daughter in Rajasthan received a gift before her first wedding anniversary which she would have never imagined in her life. She was preparing to celebrate her marriage anniversary with great pomp and show with her husband.

Jhalawar. In Jhalawar, Rajasthan, a girl got married without the consent of her family. She has been living with her husband for the last year. This time she wanted to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with great pomp and show with her family. She thought that her family would forget everything and accept her. But before the marriage anniversary came, her family members killed and burnt her.

Family members were arrested

The case of the murder of a girl named Shimla living in the Jhalawar district of Rajasthan is now getting complicated. Police have detained her parents, brother, and many other family members and they are being strictly questioned. Police are preparing to reveal the whole case by this evening, the revelation is very shocking.

murdered and burned the body

Actually, in Jhalawar, a girl named Shimla was murdered and her body was burnt by her family members. She was kidnapped from the Harnagada Shahji police station area of ​​Baran district. On July 17 last year, she married her lover Ravindra but did not tell the family about it. The two had been in a love affair for 5 years.

Shimla did not return from college.

A few days ago, Shimla left home to go to college but did not return. When the family members investigated, they found out that she was living with a young man named Ravindra. Shimla wanted her parents to accept Ravindra and she wanted to meet her parents on July 17, her wedding anniversary.

Police found a burnt body.

But on Thursday afternoon, when Shimla and her husband were returning after withdrawing money from the bank, she was kidnapped and then taken to Jhalawar district near Baran district where Shimla was murdered and the body was burnt in a crematorium. When the police got the information, the police recovered the burnt body.

Husband said Shimla could have been saved.

Today the police have detained several members of Shimla's family and are questioning them. Meanwhile, Shimla's husband Ravindra says that if the police had been alert on time, they could have saved his wife. We were going to meet our parents on 17th July on the occasion of our first wedding anniversary. We were hopeful that they would forget everything and accept us, but Shimla's family members killed her.