Whatever happened in Jodhpur was not an issue where riots broke out: Ashok Gehlot


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has reacted to the incident in Jodhpur on Tuesday. He said in this regard through social media that what happened in Jodhpur yesterday was not such an issue that where there was a situation of rioting, we did not allow the riot to happen anywhere, neither in Karauli, nor in Rajgarh, nor in Jodhpur, that's why there was no casualty, no major incident.

Otherwise, you know that when Hindu-Muslim riots have happened, what is the situation, what have happened inside the country, inside UP, inside Bihar, wherever there have been riots, inside Gujarat, those black letters It is written in history.

We have made complete arrangements here to the police, as a result of this, after the incident of Karauli, Ram Navami came, then everywhere in Rajasthan, all religions welcomed Ram Navami processions, showered flowers and on the same day in 7 states. Riots have broken out, there is peace here and peace is not being digested by them.