Weather Alert: Heavy rain may occur in Jaipur today!


These days the effect of pre-monsoon is being seen in Rajasthan. For this reason, rain has been seen in many districts including the capital Jaipur on Sunday. 


Even today, it is raining lightly in Jaipur since morning.

Due to the rain, people have gotten relief from the heat due to the fall in the temperature in many districts of the state. 

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heavy rain in Jaipur today. According to the Meteorological Department, this pre-monsoon rain will continue in this manner for the next two-three days in the state. After this, the monsoon will become active over the whole of Rajasthan. 


In Ajmer, there is a forecast of rain in the district for the next two days from today. There is every chance of rain and thunder here today. The weather remains pleasant due to the rain. Due to this, people have started making travel programs now.