Vikrant, Rajput, Sukanya… Do you know who names these Navy ships?


India's first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant has joined the Indian Navy. With the induction of INS Vikrant, the capability of the Indian Navy has increased even more. With the commissioning of Vikrant, peace, security and stability will increase in the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific region. Vikrant has a short runway and a long runway equipped with sky jumps. Apart from this, many things are special in it. For example, it cost 20,000 crores to make Vikrant, which is 262 meters long and 62 meters wide and has 45,000 tonnes.

INS Vikrant got its name from the 'Vikrant' sheep of 1971. 'Vikrant' played an important role in the first 1971 war. Now once again Vikrant has come to serve the country. Vikrant is being discussed all over the country today, but do you know who gives the names of the Navy ships? Like a ship's name is Vikramaditya and someone's Rajput. In such a situation, today we know how it is decided which aircraft will be named.

A committee is responsible for naming a naval ship and deciding the name of any ship. The name of this committee is Internal Nomenclature Committee. This committee comes under the Ministry of Defense. 

This committee is headed by the Assistant Chief of Naval Staff. Apart from this, representatives of the Historical Section of the Ministry and representatives of the Department of Archeology are also members of this committee. Together they name any sheep, in which a lot of discussion and opinion is taken.

In a report in The Print, based on a conversation with Vishnu Bhagat, former Chief of the Naval Staff, it has been written that it is a very good tradition to name our ships and submarines after different aspects of the Republic of India. Through these names, an attempt is made to address the diversity of India. As the ship was named INS Infan, he was happy that a ship has been named after a city in the Northeast of India. It has been told in this report that they wanted that there should be a ship in the name of Kashmir as well.

At the same time, he told that many ships are often named after already decommissioned ships. Just like the INS Vikrant, which has been commissioned in the Navy, is also in the name of the previous Vikrant. Explain that many instructions are followed to maintain uniformity among ships of a particular type. As aircraft carriers have different names, frigates are named after mountain ranges and rivers.

These names are according to each class and type. These names include Sindhughosh, Shishumar, Vikrant, Kumbhir, Magar, Kolkata, Delhi, Rajput, Shivalik, Talwar, Kukri, Kora, Abhay, Sukanya, Deepak, Aditya, Jyoti, Nicobar, etc.