Utility News: Investing only Rs 1302 per month, you will get around Rs 27.60 lakh


A large number of people in the country prefer to invest in LIC schemes. People's faith in LIC is also intact. Today we are going to give you information about a special scheme of LIC. Investing in which you will get good profit.

The name of this scheme is Jeevan Umang Policy. People from the age of 90 days to 55 years can invest in this policy of LIC. In this scheme, along with life cover, the investor also gets a lump sum amount on maturity.

On completion of the maturity period, the investor will get fixed income every year.


If you invest in this scheme by saving Rs 1302 per month, then you will get a big benefit. Under this, you will be able to invest Rs 15,298. By investing this amount for 30 years, you will get a return of 40 thousand per year from the 31st year. On receiving this return for 100 years, you get an amount of about Rs 27.60 lakh.