Utility News: From February 3, the customers of this bank will get a shock, there has been a change in the charges for these nine facilities


Canara Bank customers are going to get a big shock from February 3. From this date, the fee for nine facilities of Canara Bank has been changed. This type of information has been given on the website of Canara Bank.


Under this, now Canara Bank customers will have to pay additional fees for Kocheque Return, ECS Debit Returns, ATM Money Transaction, Fund Transfers, Internet-Mobile Banking, Online Fund Transfers, Name Change, and Address Change.

Changes have also been made regarding the minimum balance in the account from the side of the bank. 


The penalty will now be applicable for non-maintenance of the minimum balance. 500 in rural areas, 1000 in semi-urban areas, and the minimum amount limit for urban/metro has been increased to Rs.2000.

Penalty ranging from Rs 25 to Rs 45 and GST will have to be paid for not maintaining the minimum balance.