Utility News: Free ration card beneficiaries will now get 21 kg wheat and 14 kg rice, the government took this big decision


Good news has come for the ration card holders. However, this good news has come only for those who have taken advantage of the free ration scheme. 

According to the news, now a scheme has been started by the government to give 21 kg wheat and 14 kg rice to the free ration card beneficiaries.

Under this scheme, now the beneficiaries will get more wheat and rice than before. Now the government has decided to start this scheme for Ayyodaya ration card holders.


However, common ration card holders will be able to get only 2 kg wheat and 3 kg rice. Many types of assistance are given to the ration card holders by the government. A large number of people will be benefited by this decision of the government.