Utility: Is your PAN card real or fake? Learn how to check!


After increasing the number of fraud cases in recent years, the inclusion of QR codes in PAN card IDs started. All PAN cards issued after July 2018 include a QR code. Fake and valid PAN cards are distinguished by the QR code generated on the PAN card. Only a smartphone and Income Tax Department app is required.


In the Corona period, there has been a steady increase in the cases of fake PAN cards. It is important to determine whether the PAN card you have is genuine or forged. Now you can check whether the PAN card is genuine or not from the comfort of your home.

You can open a bank account, buy or sell property, buy or sell a vehicle, submit ITR and buy jewelry above Rs 2 lakh using the 10 digits of your PAN card. However, recently many incidents of fake PAN cards have come to the fore.

Though the PAN card is a government document that has no direct benefit, it is extremely important in banking and other financial problems. From financial activities to opening a bank account, a PAN card is essential. In addition, a PAN card is required for many important duties such as buying and selling immovable property and filing income tax returns.


Here is how you can find out whether the PAN card is fake or genuine:

STEP1: Go to the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department.

Step 2: On the right side of the page, select "Verify your PAN data." Click on the link.

STEP3: After that, users have to fill in their PAN card details.

STEP4: You will be given information like PAN number, the full name of the PAN cardholder, his/her date of birth, etc.

STEP5: After entering the correct information, the portal will display a notification indicating whether the entered information matches your PAN card.

STEP6: You can easily check the validity of a PAN card in this way.