Utility: Hackers are misusing PAN card to take loan, thus users should be careful


In today's time, the misuse of PAN card has increased a lot. In such a situation, cases of getting loans to others using PAN card are also coming to the fore. Some time back actor Rajkummar Rao reported misuse of his PAN card to avail personal loan through fintech app. Rao had tweeted that his CIBIL score has been affected because someone he didn't know took a loan of Rs 2,500 using his PAN details. Before Rao, actor Sunny Leone had also complained of a similar PAN fraud incident.

There has been a significant increase in online PAN card scams in recent times. However, in most such cases, scammers target a well-known personality. But that doesn't mean you can't be the next victim of such scams. In most of the PAN scams, scammers are found taking loans without the knowledge of the card owner.

So, if you (obviously) have a PAN card, it is better to quickly check whether you too are targeted by such scams. Here's how you can check if your PAN card has been misused for taking a loan.

3 ways to know if someone misused your PAN card

- Check CIBIL Score. This can be done through various platforms like – CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, or CRIF High Mark. By checking CIBIL Score, you will be able to know whether a loan has been approved in your name or not.


Another way to find out if your PAN card has been misused for availing loans is through fintech platforms like Paytm or BankBazaar. These platforms provide options for checking financial reports and you can get your CIBIL score along with loan details instantly.

The third way to know is to check Form 26A. It is an annual tax statement issued by the Income Tax Department which contains income tax return records of all tax payments and financial transactions done with PAN card. The form lets users identify fraudulent activity at an early stage and file a complaint.