Travel Tips: IRCTC is going to give this special facility to its passengers in Navratri!


After a few days, Navratri is going to start. Many people in the country also keep fast on Navratri. Many of these people also have to travel by train during Navratri. Good news has come for such people. The news is that now IRCTC has come up with a special offer for its passengers in Navratri starting from 26th September.


Under this offer, you will also get a fast plate on the train during Navratri. Many instructions have been issued by IRCTC regarding Vrat Thali. During Navratri, passengers will be able to get food without onion-garlic and fasting salt (Sendha Namak) on the train. 


According to the news, under this offer of IRCTC, fruits, Kuttu ki Pakori, and curd will be available for Rs 99. At the same time, 2 parathas, potato sabzi, and sago kheer will also be available in the offer of Rs.99. Paratha will be made available to rail passengers.