Shubendu will get shoe polished', TMC leader Kunal's bad words, Dilip Ghosh hit back


The case of West Bengal's Prison Minister Akhil Giri's objectionable remarks about President Draupadi Murmu has not cooled down yet. Complaints are being lodged against them in the police stations. At the same time, the matter is hot regarding the remarks made by BJP leader Shubhend Adhikari regarding tribal minister Birbaha Hansda. Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said that Leader of the Opposition Shubhendu Adhikari should apologize. If not, Birbaha will get Hansda's shoes polished.

On Monday, BJP's All India Vice President Dilip Ghosh hit back. Dilip Ghosh said that talking like this will not work. He advised to go to court if needed and criticized Kunal Ghosh for his statement.

Shoe polish will be done by Shubhendu Adhikari - Kunal's bad words

Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Bose said, “What Akhil Babu has said is never supportable. Trinamool Congress has accepted the mistake. Apologized. After all, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also apologized for Akhil Giri's comments. 

After that, Kunal Ghosh pointed to Shubhendu Adhikari and said, “But he has not apologized for the comments made by Shubhendu Adhikari about Birbaha. Shubhendu Adhikari should apologise, otherwise I will make him polish Birbaha's shoes. Be informed that Birbaha Hansda has also filed a complaint in the police station regarding the statement given by Shubhendu Adhikari regarding Birbaha.