Shraddha Murder Case : Shraddha's last post went viral, and even after the murder, Aftab kept misleading on Insta


Every day new revelations are happening regarding the brutal murder of Mumbai's Shraddha Walker by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawala in Delhi. Meanwhile, Shraddha's last post with Aftab's photo is going viral on social media.

Shraddha's Instagram handle is thatshortrebel. He had more than 2,800 followers. Shraddha's last Instagram post has a picture uploaded of her with Aftab but little did she know then that Happy Days are soon going to be the last day and she will be killed by none other than Aftab

Aftab kept replying on his behalf on Instagram to mislead his friends even after paying homage in May. However, the veracity of Shraddha's Instagram account cannot be verified