'Should Kashmir be handed over to Pakistan?', controversy sparked by the question asked in the civil examination!


The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) received a lot of criticism from candidates and political leaders over a controversial question asked in the state civil services preliminary exam, which revolved around Kashmir.


In the question paper that went viral on social media, there was a question in the MPPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination paper on whether to hand over Kashmir, which is involved in an international dispute, to Pakistan.

The question paper of MPPSC that surfaced on the internet featured a multiple choice question with states, "Should Kashmir be handed over to Pakistan?" According to news reports, students appearing for the exam found the options confusing and many were not able to answer.

There were two options on the MP Civil Services question paper –

  • Yes, because it will help India's economic condition
  • No, because it will increase the demand for the Pakistan administration

According to Hindustan Times, the answer key of the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Examination 2022 showed that the second option of the multiple-choice question was correct. Regardless, the question paper created a controversy on social media, with many slamming MPPSC for the question of their choice.


Those who appeared in the MPPSC Preliminary Examination were confused about the Kashmir question and said that they were not sure about how to choose the right option.

As reported by HT, Congress leader Ajay Yadav said, “Kashmir is India's pride. It is also highly objectionable to think that this [handing over Kashmir to Pakistan] can save money. Even the correct answer is objectionable. It should not be about stopping similar demands.