Shock to Ayushman card beneficiaries, now cesarean delivery will not be able to be done in a private hospital


The central government has given guidelines to the states regarding the removal of cesarean delivery from the Ayushman scheme. After which now the holder will not be able to get Caesarean delivery done by showing the card of Ayushman Yojana in private hospitals. 

Now under the scheme, pregnant women will get free cesarean facilities in government hospitals only. On the orders of the Center, the State Health Authority has also issued guidelines in this regard to the empaneled hospitals. Immediately after the Centre's directive, the private hospitals listed in the scheme started refusing to deliver pregnant women on the Ayushman card.

According to experts, under the Janani Suraksha Yojana, the treatment of pregnant women in government hospitals is free. They also get the facility of commuting with financial assistance, which is why the facility of cesarean delivery in private hospitals has been stopped on the card of Ayushman Yojana.

The government spent 967 crores on the treatment of cardholders

State Health Authority chairman DK Kotia said that the authority has sent a letter to the state government and the National Health Authority regarding the difficulties in getting the cardholder pregnant women treated. Until the answer is received.

Till then empaneled private hospitals have been asked to provide treatment facilities to pregnant women in an emergency, but for this, the hospitals will have to take permission from the authority. The government has spent an amount of 967 crores on the treatment of cardholders.