SBI WhatsApp banking services: All the important things related to this that you need to know!


State Bank of India (SBI) has recently launched a WhatsApp banking service for its customers. SBI WhatsApp banking services can be used to check account balances and mini-statements. In the mini statement, the bank will give details of the last five transactions.

The bank is providing various banking services to its customers through WhatsApp. The bank said in a tweet that customers can check their account balance and get mini statements through WhatsApp.


This new service enables SBI Bank account holders to check their account balance and mini statement, which includes detailed information of the last five transactions, through the messaging service. SBI customers, including senior citizens, will be able to access most of its banking services through the instant messaging app WhatsApp, eliminating the need to wait in line for trivial banking-related tasks. Customers who want to opt for the WhatsApp Banking facility will have to register first.

How to register for SBI WhatsApp Banking?

How to Register: All

you need to do is send an SMS 'WAREG A/C No' to +917208933148 from your registered mobile number. You will receive an SMS confirming your registration.

How to use SBI WhatsApp Service:

  1. Text “Hello” or “Hi” to +919022690226 or reply to a message you have already received on WhatsApp after signing up for the service.
  2. You will get a response asking you to select the services you wish to avail of, such as account balance, mini statement, or deregistration with WhatsApp Banking.
  3. You can check your account balance by choosing from the given options or generate a mini-statement of the last five transactions as per your requirements. Additionally, you can stop using SBI WhatsApp Banking at any time.


WhatsApp Services for SBI Credit Card Holders

State Bank of India already offers WhatsApp-based services to credit card holders to track reward points, unpaid balances, and account overviews. For the service, customers should send the text "OPTIN" on WhatsApp to 90040 22022. They can also sign-up by giving a missed call on 08080945040 from the registered mobile number.