Rajendra Rathore targets the Gehlot government for beating up youth by police personnel in Udaipur


Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod has now targeted the Ashok Gehlot government of Congress for thrashing a youth by police personnel in Udaipur. 

State BJP veteran Rajendra Rathod tweeted in this regard that in the case of Kanhaiyalal's murder in Udaipur, the gross negligence and insensitivity of the Udaipur Police were revealed, now once again Khaki is ashamed of his style of work.

After a dispute with the young man, the police first entered the house and beat him, and then crossed all limits of vandalism in the police station. This is not the first incident of brutal conduct by the police administration.

Amit Tyagi in Jawahar Circle police station of Jaipur, Sunil Kumawat in Navan police station, Raju Nayak in Lohawat police station, and Mukan Singh at Kotwali police station in Pali all these incidents of assault and death are proof of Ashok Gehlot's jungle raj.