Rajendra Rathore demanded the state government run this campaign immediately.


Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod has demanded from the state government to conduct a special campaign with immediate effect in the districts affected by the infectious disease Lumpy Skin Disease. 


In this regard, he tweeted that in Jodhpur division and many other districts of Rajasthan, the magnitude of the infectious disease called lumpy skin disease spread in livestock (cows) and ignoring the administration is that in Jodhpur division alone, till now more than 1200 people have been affected by this disease. Most of the cows have become dead. 

Due to the insensitivity and carelessness of the administration, the carcasses of cows are not being disposed of properly, and dead cows are thrown in the open field, due to which there is a possibility of spreading this disease in the surrounding areas. 


At the same time, there is a crisis of livelihood in front of the livestock farmers. With immediate effect, the state government should conduct a special campaign in the districts affected by an infectious disease called lumpy skin disease and form separate teams and conduct health check-ups of cows in gaushalas.