Rajasthan government has given this unique gift to the farmers and will get this facility


This time a unique gift of 32 crores solar-based irrigation project has been given to the farmers of the Hindoli-Nainwan region by the Rajasthan government. Due to the efforts of the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Khale, and Information and Public Relations Ashok Chandna, a solar-based micro irrigation project worth 32 crores has got administrative and financial approval at Suhri, Barwas, and Gangaram Mali Anicut of Hindoli-Nainwan region.

Under the Micro Irrigation Project, 3 mini demos (Anicuts) will be constructed by the Water Resources Department at a cost of 32 crores. With this, the farmers will get a sprinkler irrigation facility in 6 villages in the project area. 

Under the solar-based micro irrigation project, a mini dam will be constructed at Suhri at a cost of 10 crores. Under this, a mini dam (anicut) of 100 meters in length will be built on the Mej river. Its height will be 4 meters. The filling capacity of the Mini Dam is 15.24 mcft. With this work, farmers will get irrigation facilities through fountain system on 150 hectares of land of Suhri and Akoliya villages of Hindoli tehsil.

Similarly, Mini Dam (Anicut) will be built in Barwas at a cost of 12 crores. Under this, a 120 meter length mini dam (anicut) will be constructed on the Blandi river, whose height will be 6 meters and the filling capacity is 10.52 mcft. With the completion of the work, the cultivators will get irrigation facility in 150 hectares of land of Raghunathpura and Barwas villages of Hindoli tehsil.

Under the Micro Irrigation Project, the height of Gangaram Mali Anicut on the Mej river will be increased by one meter at a cost of 10 crores. In this way, the length of this mini dam (anicut) will be 90 meters and height will be 3 meters and the total filling capacity will be 11.55 mcft. On completion of the work, 150 hectares of land in Kalyanpura and Tahala villages will get an irrigation facility.