Rajasthan: Public representatives should play an important role in getting the people eligible for welfare schemes: Tikaram Julie


Public representatives should play an important role in making the eligible people benefited from welfare schemes. Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Tikaram Julie said this in a meeting of the General Assembly in the auditorium of Umrain Panchayat Samiti of Alwar district on Thursday.

He asked the officials to continue with the alternative arrangement of drinking water tankers till the permanent solution of the drinking water problem is found. Ensure that the distribution of drinking water is done with uniformity in proper quantity. 

He instructed the Executive Engineer that the approved drinking water schemes should be completed soon by putting up tenders. He directed the officers to do the work of the common man on priority. Negligence in this will not be tolerated.

  He told the Sarpanch and Panchayat Samiti members that it is necessary to cherish every drop of rain water. Traditional water sources should be revived through MNREGA. He said that the public representatives should also motivate the common man to use water thrifty.

  He directed the Tehsildar that the problems related to the revenue records of the farmers should be resolved promptly. He said that the farmers should not have to make rounds of government offices under any circumstances. When the complaint comes, do the work of the complainant on priority. If the process takes time, inform the complainant when the work is done by telling the time limit.