Provide fearless education in schools: BD Kalla


Education Minister Dr. BD Kalla has given important instructions to the education officers during their stay in the Sirohi district. Here on Friday, in a review meeting held in the auditorium of the Atma Project Office of the Agriculture Department, BD Kalla, after discussing the schemes operated in the Education Department, instructed the education officers that there should be an atmosphere of unjust education in all the schools, the teacher should be an expert in his subject. So that the student can become knowledgeable, virtuous, and talented. 

Education Minister Dr. BD Kalla said that fearless education should be provided in schools. It should be ensured that the students get the scholarship on time under the scholarship scheme. He said that by running a special campaign, action should be taken to provide scholarships to the eligible.

The shortcomings of bicycle and scooter distribution should be filled. The enrollment process in schools should be encouraged, and the media and people of administration should be invited during the enrollment process so that transparency is maintained. After reviewing the progress of enrollment in schools, instructions were given to increase enrollment by taking information. The information should also be posted on the concerned portal.