Progress is possible in the country and society only through education: CP Joshi


Progress in the country and society is possible only through education. Children must be given good education so that they can go ahead in life and bring laurels to the country. 

Speaker of the Assembly Dr. C.P. Joshi said this while addressing the inaugural program on the occasion of the upgradation of Government Higher Secondary School in Kotri village of Delvada Panchayat Samiti of Rajsamand district. 

During this, CP Joshi said that those children whose parents are educated can move ahead in life by being aware with ease. But whose parents are not educated, are left behind and depend on others. He asked the school teachers to take the children forward.

Along with this, CP Joshi gave detailed information about taking benefit of Chiranjeevi Yojana and all types of development work in the area like schools, hospitals, roads, electricity, etc.