Prayagraj violence: Posters accused of violence will also be installed in Prayagraj, action will be taken like Kanpur! UP Police in alert mode


After the Kanpur violence, the police had put up posters of the miscreants. So that they can be easily identified.

Prayagraj Police is also preparing to release posters of miscreants. After the violence in Kanpur, the police had released posters of 40 miscreants, after which it was easy to identify them.
In Prayagraj (Prayagraj Violence), the police are looking very strict regarding the ruckus after the Friday prayers. The way the city police released the posters of miscreants after the Kanpur violence, Prayagraj Police is also preparing to release the posters of miscreants. After the violence in Kanpur, the police had released posters of 40 miscreants, after which it became easy to identify them. Some of the accused had reached the police station themselves. Prayagraj police are also planning to take similar action, but most of the accused are minors, making it difficult to investigate.

The ruckus made by putting the children forward

Violence was committed by children after the Friday prayers in Atala. When the police reached there as soon as the violence started, the boys present there pelted stones at the police. After which there was a fierce orgy and arson at the crossroads. All the people involved in this violence were captured in the CCTV footage. Whatever violent activity was done at the crossroads, all those activities were recorded on the cameras. After which it became easy for the police to identify the accused. Everyone’s faces are visible.

Be it Barrier Tiraha or Atala Tirahe, the police collected CCTV footage to identify the boys who created a ruckus at both places. Apart from this, the actions of stone pelters are visible in the video recording as well.

Case filed against 5 thousand unknown

After this incident, the Khuldabad police had named 70 accused, including the present Imam Ali Ahmed of Atala Masjid, the conspirator in this case on the same day. Apart from this, a case has been registered against five thousand unknown people. During the incident, the police caught 36 people on the spot. Let us inform you that so far Prayagraj Police has arrested 92 people in this case. Of these, seven are minors. During the investigation of the police, it was found that the children of the madrasa had participated in the ruckus.

They were used as pawns. Even after their identification, the police cannot reveal their name, address, and face, so the police officers have not yet released the posters of all the miscreants. IG Rakesh Singh said that the posters of those who perpetrated the violence would be released soon.

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