Pitru Paksha 2022: Whether to worship gods and goddesses in Pitru Paksha!


It has been four days since Pitru Paksha started. This time Pitru Paksha will be till September 25. Pitru Paksha i.e. Shradh has great importance in Hinduism. People perform Shradh rituals during this period for the peace of the souls of the ancestors.

According to the Hindu religion, all auspicious and auspicious works are prohibited during Pitru Paksha. This question must have arisen in everyone's mind about whether gods and goddesses can be worshiped during Pitru Paksha. Today we are going to give you information regarding this. 


One should not worship ancestors with deities during Pitru Paksha. The deities should be worshiped separately. Ancestors are certainly worshipable to us, but they are not higher than God. For this reason, worship of deities should also be done in Pitru Paksha. Worshiping ancestors during this time is very beneficial. By doing this we get the blessings of our ancestors.