Pea Peel Benefits: Not only are peas, but their peels are also very beneficial, know how to use them!


Green leafy vegetables abound in the winter season. Peas have special importance among these green vegetables. Green peas enhance the taste of almost every vegetable. Some people also like to eat it raw, but do you know, the peel of green peas is very beneficial for health. You can also make tasty dishes using it. Let us know the benefits of green peas peel.

Nutrients are found in plenty in the peel of green peas. They are rich in potassium, fiber, copper, and other vitamins. It is considered very beneficial for the digestive system. These peels are also beneficial for heart health. The nutrients present in it increase eyesight, as well as it is helpful in controlling weight, so let's know how to use green peas peel in food.


Pea Shell Sauce

You can make chutney from peas peels, for this you need- 1 cup of peas peels, coriander leaves, ginger-garlic, one onion, 1-2 green chilies, salt as per taste, and lemon juice.

First of all wash the pea peel and coriander leaves. Put it in a grinder, along with green chilies, onions, and ginger garlic. Then grind this mixture. Now add salt and lemon juice as per taste.

You can serve it with paratha, puri, pakora, etc.


Make fritters from pea shells

To make pakodas, you need one cup of peas peel, 3-4 spoons of rice flour, 3-4 spoons of gram flour, 1 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp red chili powder, salt as per taste, 2-3 tbsp Oil

To make pakodas from it, first, wash and dry the peels of peas, and cut them into pieces. Take gram flour and rice flour in a bowl. Add spices and salt to it. Make a batter with the help of water. Mix pea peel in it. Now heat the pan, and add oil to it. Now fry the pakoras with the mixture. Pakodas made of pea peel is ready.