PVC Aadhaar Card: You can get a PVC Aadhar card sitting at home! Click here to know the whole process


Now you can get an Aadhar card in the form of a PVC card also. This PVC Aadhar Card is very easy to maintain. Earlier Aadhar card was available only in printed form on paper. 

After this UIDAI also recognized the digital form of the Aadhar card. Now you can request PVC Aadhar cards from multiple people at your home from one mobile number.

You can order your PVC Aadhar card by visiting the UIDAI website uidai.gov.in or Resident.uidai.gov.in. On the website, you will have to enter your Aadhar card number, Virtual ID number, or registration number. 

You will also have to pay a normal fee of Rs 50 to order a PVC Aadhar card. After the successful application process, the PVC Aadhar Card reaches your registered address. how to get PVC aadhar card without a registered mobile number

Even if your mobile number is not linked with your Aadhar card, you can still apply for an Aadhar card.


For this you have to follow some easy steps, first, you have to go to https://residentpvc.udai.gov.in/order-pvcreprint website. After this, you have to enter your Aadhar card number here. After that, you have to enter the security code. Also, you have to go to my mobile unregistered option below.