PM Narendra Modi's Birthday: PM Modi wanted to join the army, know such secrets related to him that you will not know about!


Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950, in the streets of Vadnagar, a small town in the Mehsana district of northern Gujarat, 3 years after India gained independence and a few months after India became a republic. Narendra Modi was the third of the six children of Damodardas Modi and Heera Modi.


According to his profile in

Modi's family was extremely poor and had to struggle to survive. It is being told that the family lives in a small one-story house, which is about 40 by 12 feet. His father used to sell tea at the local railway station.

Modi wanted to serve the army

According to the website, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to join the army. He also wanted to study at Sainik School located in nearby Jamnagar but could not do so due to paucity of money.

He sleeps very little

PM Modi is known as a workaholic. Once in 2012, someone asked him how many hours he sleeps in a day. In his reply, Modi said: "I sleep very little. Yoga, pranayama, and deep breathing keep me energized throughout the day!"


Do not book overnight hotels

Reportedly, the PM tries to sleep in his plane instead of in hotel rooms during travel. Before the pandemic, Modi had traveled intermittently to several countries. The Times of India quoted a government official as saying that PM Modi spends the night in the hotel only when he has a meeting or program scheduled for the next day.