PM Modi's Birthday: Take a look at some inspiring quotes from the popular leader!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 72 on September 17 and his birthday will be celebrated with great enthusiasm by his followers and Bharatiya Janata Party workers across the country.

Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India in 2014 and was re-elected in 2019. Under his visionary leadership, the central government has started many major programs for the development of the country.

Apart from his dedication to work, PM Modi is also famous for his oratory skills. Part of his appeal lies in his ability to easily connect with people of all ages from different parts of the country. PM Modi has been popular for his speeches, be it at an election rally or in Parliament.


While most people cut cakes and have parties on this special day, PM Modi likes to work. This year, he will be in Madhya Pradesh to attend several events to mark the occasion.

On the Prime Minister's birthday, let's take a look at some of his powerful quotes:

1. “Today the whole world is keen to connect with India and, our diaspora can play a major role in furthering the country’s bond with the world.”

2. The time for idioms like "Hata Hai-Chalta Hai" is a thing of the past. India is growing rapidly and the world has high expectations from us. We cannot let go of this opportunity."

3. “There is 80 crore youth in the country. Their age is less than 35 years. If youth have talent then they can change the fate of this country and we are emphasizing it."

4. "Those who believe in humanity, they must come together to fight for it and speak in one voice against this menace. Terrorism must be freed from delinquency."


5. "It is important to create an environment where everyone can contribute. The energy of 125 crore Indians will take the country forward."

6. “Failures should never become a hindrance in the process of learning. Instead, we should learn from our failures and try to overcome the challenges in our lives."