On Hindi Day, Ashok Gehlot said - I am running my work by speaking broken English


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made a big deal about the English language in a function organized in the auditorium of Sawai Mansingh College, Jaipur. On this occasion, CM Gehlot said that he still cannot speak English. He is also doing his work by speaking broken English. 

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot even said that the politicians of the 

Hindi-speaking states also start talking in English. If any leader talks in English in his presence, he interrupts them. He tells them that if they do not talk in Hindi then should I go from here. 

Earlier, Ashok Gehlot extended his warm wishes on Hindi Diwas through social media. He tweeted in this regard, Hearty congratulations on Hindi Diwas. Language works to connect people. The Hindi language is one of the oldest and most influential languages ​​in the whole world.

It is not just a language but an integral part of our literature and culture. The Hindi language is the expression of emotion. Hindi literature has its importance in the country and abroad. On this occasion, a call is given to the youth to make maximum use of the Hindi language and contribute to increasing its pride.