Now these competitions will start in government schools of Rajasthan too, Education Minister gave this information!


Many innovations are being made in the field of education. Cultural activities were stopped in schools which are being started again. Under this, along with sports, now competitions like group dance, group solo and solo dance will be started. Along with this, English medium will be started in primary education.


Education Minister Dr BD Kalla said this after the inauguration ceremony of the office of the Chief Block Education Officer at Dhamotar, a new Panchayat Samiti in Pratapgarh district on Sunday. 

He said that the school calendar would be released soon for this. He said that the government is soon going to recruit 10,000 new English teachers for better English education in English-medium schools.


The Education Minister said that the present District Collector Saurabh Swamy has been the Director of the Education Department in the past, so this district will get the double benefit of his experiences in the field of education here. 

The Sampoorna Shiksha Abhiyan innovation being undertaken by him will be another step towards better education. He asked the District Collector to get maximum amount of CSR and MNREGA for education upgradation.