Now CM Gehlot has taken this big step regarding the Bikaner district, people will get this facility


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has now given a gift to the local people of the Bikaner district. He has given administrative approval to the proposal to create new sub-tehsils Hadan (Tehsil Kolayat), Dantour (Tehsil Khajuwala), and Sudsar (Tehsil Sridungargarh) in the district. He has given this information through social media. With this decision of CM Gehlot, people will get ease in the disposal of revenue works at the local level itself.

He tweeted that 3 land records inspector circles in new sub-tehsil Hadan, 9 patwar circles and 51 revenue villages, 2 land records inspector circles in new sub-tehsil Dantaur, 7 patwar circles, and 10 revenue villages, and 4 in new sub-tehsil Sudsar. The land records inspector circle, 14 Patwar circles, and 35 revenue villages will be included.

It is noteworthy that during the budget session of the year 2022-23, announcements were made to open various new tehsil offices, up-gradation of sub-tehsils, and new sub-tehsil offices in the state for expansion and strengthening of administrative units. In the sequence of these announcements, this approval has been given in the Bikaner district.