Narendra Modi's Birthday: After all, how does PM stay so fit? What is included in their diet? Learn!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a true example of the saying that 'age is just a number. Modi, who is celebrating his 72nd birthday on September 17, is also known to keep himself active and fit despite being so busy.

He follows a very strict diet to keep himself healthy and energetic. Instead of eating rich or spicy food, he prefers to eat simple Gujarati food. Khichdi is his favorite in many dishes. Also, Modi eats a cup of curd daily to balance his diet and hunger.

Modi once said in an interview according to DNA- "I also eat mushrooms from Himachal Pradesh. It is full of many virtues." Also, the scientific name of the mushroom mentioned by Modi is Macrula exultant. In further conversation, Modi also said that parathas are his weekly diet as it is nutritious.


Modi is considered one of the biggest proponents of yoga. He is an ardent devotee of yoga and believes that it provides physical and mental health benefits.

Modi starts his day in his daily routine with morning meditation, walking, and yoga. Along with simple exercises, he also practices various Surya Namaskars, Yogasanas, and Pranayama.

Despite being over 70 years old, Modi considers fasting to be very important in his life. They believe that fasting is a very good technique to purify the body.


In 2012, Modi reportedly revealed that he has been observing Navratri fast for 35 years. Surprisingly, in 2014, during his visit to the United States, Modi did not break his tradition or custom and drank only lemonade at that time.