Media should support the public without coming under pressure from the central government: Ashok Gehlot


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given his reaction about the Indian media. He has tweeted in this regard today. He tweeted that India's ranking in the Press Freedom Index 2022 has reached 150th position out of 180 countries.

It is a symbol of the plight of Indian media. Since the coming of the Modi government in 2014, there has been such a vicious cycle of media repression that the media is completely running at the behest of the central government, BJP and RSS.

There is so much fear in the media that instead of showing the truth with fairness and logic, such coverage is done so that their displeasure is not taken. Today there is an outcry among the public due to inflation and unemployment, but there is no discussion in the media on this.

The debate of polarization goes on only in the name of religion. The media should support the people without coming under pressure from the central government. When the media will talk about the interest of the common man, then the public will also support the media and the central government will not have the courage to curb the media as it has been imposed now.